Are you a born backpacker?

Backpacking is becoming more and more popular among people. If you are going to start a journey of your own you should consider all the pros and cons of this wonderful past time.

Letís look at the advantages first. One irresistible advantage is mostly relevant t the young and the not so wealthy Ė backpacking is cheap. You are using public transport or hitchhiking, staying in youth hostels or camping out, and you learn to live out of your backpack Ė thatís where the name of the movement began. Another advantage is that backpacking seems to focus on the local culture and traditions rather than idle leisure, nonsensical sightseeing or constant shopping. Backpacking seeks authentic feel of the good old travelling days when one had to endure a great deal of troubles and strife.

The disadvantages of backpacking are lack of comfort (and style). Low cost accommodation cannot boast the amenities of five star hotels, and taking a private jet wonít be included in a backpackerís routine. Not everyone can turn to this mode of travelling since in some countries it remains controversial.

But backpacking as a trend is growing fast and there are more opportunities opening up since digital communication and resources make long trips easier and more enjoyable than before.

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