Green travelling is coming to you

When all things green are the best trick to get a date or score with the colleagues at work it is high time to consider green travelling not so new but or so trendy and, well, good for Mother Earth.

Travelling green predominantly means staying green as you go along choosing the transport means, food and accommodation that is safe for the environment. For your movements use of walking, cycling, and public transport instead of a personal car, as much as possible. This is limited to people not burdened with (big) families, disabled members and so on. As your means of transportation consider renting hybrid vehicles or use biodiesel fuels whenever possible. There are different ways to cut use of cars by ridesharing, carpools or opting for a roomier car for all instead of a single one for each individual.

When it comes to accommodation camping is the greenest way out there (provided you leave the place spotless). Staying at green-scored hotels or lodges is also a great option (and better for your hygiene). And remember to eat green, organic and fair-trade food when you are on the go not only is it good for you but it is also good for the planet to promote and supports its producers.

Booking with a green organization or green travel provider can be a form of promoting things green. Another way is volunteer travel when you are giving back to the community you visit some of your time and effort. Whatever style is yours, turn to green you children will be grateful.

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