Riding your bike makes you healthier!

It is not a secret that cycling is not just a way of traveling but it always helps to restore health. Definitely, those who experience heart attacks are prescribed to move more and leave a car at home. But unfortunately we are so accustomed to comfort that we can’t imagine that we will cycle instead of driving to work! Even now if I look back to my childhood I realise that cycling was the most exciting way of spending free time and unfortunately I can’t do this at the moment. But at the same time who prevents me from cycling at least several times a week? This will for sure burn excessive kilos and normalize my blood pressure. Some doctors as it was already said deliberately prescribe cycling as the most curable method. So what is the problem? Even if you do not like active sports and cycling in particular - just imagine that you are working for your health and you are trying to explore new places with your brand new cruiser bike. Besides the pleasure you get from riding and discovering new places you are doing physical exercises, you breathe in fresh air (in case if you are riding outside the center of the city) and you do not have to pay for gas! It is your body that makes your beach cruiser ride and you save money! Indeed, this is tiresome and the majority of people are trying to avoid this “prescription” by all means. But one thing is clear: the more you move - the fewer health problems you have. With a nice bike moving becomes a pleasant venture.

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