This glorious and modest county: Belarus

It is not a secret that everyone of us adores traveling as it broadens oneís mind and opens new horizons. You get acquainted with new people and get new ideas, you get acquainted with local traditions and customs and you start understanding peopleís world outlook there. Every summer my friends and I go somewhere where we can get all the new impressions and feelings. Usually such places are not the world-known places that every travel agency is offering to its clients. We choose such places that are not listed in the travel routes, such places where one can get to only if you have a big desire and are ready to face issues.

Our last adventurous trip was traveling to Belarus. Iím sure that you have no idea where this country is but I can tell you that this is a European country that is situated between Poland and Russia. The language Belarusians speek is mostly Russian and not Belarusian as this can easily be explained by the history of this state. Anyway, many of local people can easily speak English and there is no problem to live there for a foreigner. Definitely, the capital of Belarus Minsk has been practically completely ruined during World War the Second but then rebuilt anew. Today this is a European capital with all the modern buildings and facilities. As we stayed there a week we needed a place to live and first of all we wanted a hotel as usual. But then we faced an interesting thing: the hotels charge so much that we could hardly afford them (Iím talking about hotels that are situated in the center of Minsk). That is why an alternative like Minsk apartments for rent appeared to be a brilliant idea. Cheaper and more comfortable. Definitely, there are no strict rules about late home comings, no food prohibitions as you know that the majority of hotels prohibit taking food and drinks into a room.

Minsk is the greatest city we have ever visited but this was not our ultimate place of destination as the route was to the woodlands and to the lakes of this glorious country: Polesye and Braslav lakes district.

All in all, this was a nice journey to the country where no one awaits tourists and no one sells stuff you may find in Eugypt, Turkey or even Russia. This is a completely different country with kind-hearted and hospitable people who will share their last slice of bread with a complete stranger.

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