Trains and Planes…

It is interesting to compare trains and planes. Many of you think that trains are slow and planes are much faster. But in this article we will see whether these means of transportation can still compete.

If we start to compare speed, we will see that the difference is great. Planes are limited by the speed of sound only because there is a risk of breaking. It should be mentioned that commercial airlines usually travel at about 500 miles per hour. The speed depends on the amount of fuel this or that jet consumes. Trains travel at about 187 miles per hour which is really less. But there is one factor that makes aircrafts slow.

Airports are usually on the outskirts and it takes some time to get there. In many cases people have to face a journey to get there and it may take about an hour. As for railway stations, they are usually in the centre of the city and it takes much less time, consequently, journey time reduces greatly.

There is also a lot of bureaucracy at the airport. All those check-in, baggage, tickets procedures take so much time… What is more, during international journeys, there is immigration registration. It is possible to do everything being on the train without having to waste time. But with aircraft you will have to hang around or wait in the line to go through the procedure.

But there is always an exception. In our case this exception will be private jets. The prices are much higher. Round trip on a light jet will cost you about $2,000 per hour and one way - $3,300 per hour. But you won’t have to wait for anything. Treatment is completely different, even in comparison with the first class.

The most expensive train seat costs nearly $40,000 and the same on the plane would be approximately $200,000. The difference is great due to fees companies have to pay airports.

Trains and planes are different it is for sure. Fortunately, all of us have the right to choose.

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