Travelling helps people learn faster

Traveling is a great way to set your mind straight, find out about your inner strength and find new taste for life. In the past travelling was obligatory for everyone who was deemed to be a cultured person and it involved going to far away places to see the most famous marvels the world has to offer. This means museums and galleries, great architecture and natural wonders, different cultures and learning new languages all along. In Europe and North America aristocratic families sent their children on world tours as a finishing touch to the end of their theoretical studies. Travelling helped learn new things about the world as a first hand experience. Today not everyone can afford extensive travelling but most people who care about their lookout on the world like to travel a lot. With better revenue management for hotels it is more convenient and pleasant to stay at hotels while out of the country, and cheap tickets mean that people can do more traveling. It is amazing what a new culture can teach and how many prejudices it can shatter about a given nation. If everyone travelled there would be far less violence and injustice in the world.

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